Convincing concept with VIOR, KIVO and SPARK

What was originally conceived as a simple conversion of the counter hall developed into a comprehensive building renovation by Brem + Zehnder during the planning phase.

Redesign by Burch und Partner Architekten AG and Innside Innenarchitektur AG

The newly built guesthouse is located in the middle of the alpine landscape of the Schlierental at 1440 metres above sea level, directly next to the restaurant Schwendi-Kaltbad.

Maisonette holiday residences in the new development

At 1925 metres above sea level, Riederalp blends into the Aletsch Arena. In the newly built "Vieux Valais" estate, interior architect Roger Buser from room 42 designed a 3.5 and a 4.5 room holiday residence with a Scandinavian touch.
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Combined light-acoustic solutions at the new headquarters

Since 2018, RDL has been a specialist partner of RIBAG and offers acoustic elements with integrated RIBAG lamps for room design. The entire range of solutions can be experienced in the new RDL building.
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Individualized lighting solution

Relax, enjoy, balance. At the Monte Mare wellness and business hotel in Andernach (D), everything revolves around well-being and regeneration of body, mind and soul. RIBAG supplied custom-made VERTICO pendant lamps and mounted spotlights to highlight the special materials in the reception area.

Healthy indoor climate combined with flexible lighting

The Geberit Information Center in Lausanne, designed by Bureau Hindermann, is shining in new splendor. It includes an exhibition, two theory rooms, a practice room and a cafeteria with VERTICO pendant lamps, which support flexible use of the relaxation area.
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Visit to a prestigious trade fair

With approximately 150,000 visitors to the Swiss Design District alone, the Milano Design Week is one of the most important international contact networks for the lighting and furniture industry. This renown trade show brings hundreds of thousands of excited visitors to Milan year after year.
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Character building with vision

The terraced building nestles elegantly on the slope and is both linear and multi-layered in its design. As carefully as the facade and the exterior areas were developed, the interior appearance including the lighting concept is just as consistent.

Staging in the mine

Conceptual, elaborate, high-impact productions – hallmark of the artist duo Cortis & Sonderegger, recent recipients of the Swiss «Photographers of the Year» Award. For RIBAG, they staged a «dream» in the Herznach mine for the first time. A peculiar bath scene plays out under the new VIOR lamp.

A visionary product is created

«At the beginning there is a vision that provides the impetus for innovation,» says Pascal Amacker, Creative Director at RIBAG. «At VIOR it was the complete new development of a sophisticated light control technology».

Take the step into the unknown

It is considered to be one of the toughest mountain bike races in the world: The 16th edition of Cape Epic took place in South Africa from 17 to 24 March 2019. Local and international mountain bikers tackled the challenging eight-day adventure through the Western Cape region. Team Lightriders, led by RIBAG CEO Andreas Richner, competed alongside the world's best mountain bikers.

«Light means life»

Those who tell stories well transport moods. Arno Camenisch is a successful Swiss writer who knows how to create atmospheres with cleverly strung together words.

Atmospheric play with light

Most often, the space itself is the source of his ideas. The environmental scientist explores the essence of the rooms and uses existing material to create new sensory impressions. Often a beamer, a light source or a self-built lamp construction is all that is needed.
Cooperations Research & Development Interviews

Interview with Christian Bartenbach

The Bartenbach company has set itself the task of combining know-how from the various fields of architecture, physics, psychology and design in an approximately 80-strong interdisciplinary team and thus fully illuminating the phenomenon of light. Since 2017, the lighting specialists Bartenbach and RIBAG have been working together again and again on new innovative lighting solutions.

Clear lines with brilliant lighting effect at the café

Museum cafés are an attractive place in the overall building. Visitors like to sit down after a tour of the museum. A pleasant place to reflect on what was experienced and seen immediately before, to chat or simply relax.

A new lighting and layout concept

When it was clear that the existing teaching areas at Niederhasli Primary School were no longer sufficient to meet the needs of the future, the school commissioned an extension to the building. As a lighting solution partner, RIBAG provided the best visual and perceptual conditions.

Interplay of music and light

The completely sold out event «Music and Light» on 23 May 2019 was a highlight in the region and a unique experience for the visitors. Four cellists of the argovia philharmonic staged their works in different rooms of the impressive architectural building of RIBAG in Safenwil. The focus was on the experience of sound worlds and spatial dimensions.
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New brilliance for the oldest shoe retailer in Switzerland

For the shoe company Schneider in St. Gallen, in its seventh generation of management, it was time to adapt to the requirements of today. The intention of the new shop concept was above all to create the intelligent use of areas and an overall impression of calmness.
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Two projects made of BERGMOND®WOOD with corresponding lamps

In both projects, the entire building was realized with BERGMOND®WOOD, from the structural timber to the façade and the entire interior lining of the building such as window frames, doors, stairs, tables, and various built-in furniture. The client, with the support of Mr. Gabathuler, selected the lighting concept, where possible, also supplemented with BERGMOND®WOOD.
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New bar concept with innovative, discreet lighting solution

The premises of Estermann AG have been located in the industrial quarter of Geuensee (LU) for about 10 years. The construction company accommodates an event hall for company events, weddings and birthday parties in its own headquarters and, since recently, also the "Bar 1877", which is open to the public. This is run by the former managing director Hans Winiker, who invested a lot of heart and soul in its development. With innovative lighting solutions from RIBAG, a unique feel-good atmosphere with brilliant lighting effects has been created.

Event Music and Light

The argovia philharmonic is the most important orchestra of the cultural canton of Aargau. With fresh concepts and innovative formats, it pursues its very own goal of bringing classical music to the entire canton. Since 2017, RIBAG has been a sponsor for the promotion of culture.

Impressive interplay of light and shade

The Erlöserkirche was built in 1949-50 by Otto Bartning and is one of over 50 emergency churches that were destroyed during World War II and then rebuilt. Red brick was used as the building material, which can be seen inside the church together with the wooden construction of the roof. However, the window arrangement allows very little natural light into the interior.

Special design for the Italian specialty restaurant

A special eye-catcher is the lighting in the golden staircase: the ARVA chandelier is a special design and provides optimal lighting conditions over three floors.

A unique and innovative exhibition layout

The lighting solutions presented at the Architect@Work fair in Copenhagen displayed our expertise in both, individual and project spaces. The new ARVA Draft & Craft Collection can be customized to one’s own interior design thanks to new shades in leather and wood.

Warm light radiates a pleasant ambience

In the heart of Basler Altstadt, the historical centre of Basel, stands the Andlauerhof. This historical building has been given a facelift through a comprehensive renovation. The result is a spacious living area with the special charm of an ancient house.
Cooperations Interviews

The interview about the staging

In their works, the Swiss photographer duo deliberately mixes the real with the surreal. In the interview Cortis & Sonderegger talk about the production with VIOR, how they got to know each other and what inspires them.

A fully rounded experience

The room, with its ever-fashionable materials and colours, is shown to advantage by the dynamic design of the PUNTO mounted lighting system. 35 Red Dot award-winning LED lights are utilised by Erwin Egli in the lighting design, creating thereby an informal and easy-going atmosphere.
Research & Development Design

Research assignment for the FHNW

The Industrial Design course at the University of Applied Sciences of North-West Switzerland (FHNW) is currently working on the topic POETRY OF LIGHT: MOBILE LIGHT. This project assignment was set by RIBAG and the intention was to encourage the students to focus more closely on the topic of light and mobility and thus «mobile light».
Events Specials

Presentation of the world novelty VIOR

The RIBAG Art of Light event took place at Light & Building on 18 March 2018. Over 200 trade visitors, press, and interested parties streamed into the Berhard Knaus gallery and admired the world début of VIOR, a very special lamp that combines the advantages of a downlight with an uplight.

Atmospheric colour and lighting concept

The modern dental practice with its inviting, harmonious design makes a visit to the dentist an experience. In terms of both design and function, the new practice meets the current needs of the dental team as well as the Minergie standard.
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The urban quarter in Aarau

The Aeschbachhalle, which has come to life, is the heart of the quarter and combines gastronomy, business, culture, interior architecture, office planning and design under one roof.

Play of light and shadow in the sanitary facilities.

It serves to relax and strengthen travellers after crossing the Gotthard massif: The Gotthard Rest and Service Area North offers plenty of space, even for large numbers of guests.
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Stagings that inspire

Around 100,000 visitors flocked to Swissbau in Basel. As an exhibitor, RIBAG was able to showcase itself beautifully and delight the visitors with innovative lighting solutions.
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A custom-made lighting concept provides light, uniform and work-friendly premises.

The start-up company Vision-Inside AG in Wetzikon near Zurich moved into its newly renovated office space in February 2017. The IT company specialises in the areas of telecommunications, computer science, multimedia and security and is, as a consequence, very au fait with complex technologies.

Over 100 years of architecture revived

The Swiss International Boarding School in Zuoz, Graubünden, is one of Switzerland's well-known and renowned international private schools - and has been for over 100 years. For the dining room of the recently opened campus extension «Chesa Urezza», RIBAG was able to supply a new and contemporary lighting solution.
Design Specials

Customer-oriented lamp development

In the object area, black creates space for calm and a very special atmosphere. The «colour» is finding increased appeal, even in the interior design of offices and living spaces. Moritz Hillebrand, Lighting Designer at RIBAG, shares his secrets on how to best incorporate black lamps.
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Historic jewel with charisma

The island of Ufenau, with its medieval church buildings, is a place of quietness and contemplation. Here, the carefully restored «Zu den Zwei Raben» guesthouse also radiates a pleasant peace. It was extensively refurbished to its original form and combined with an atmospheric colour concept. Custom-made PUNTO lamps from RIBAG fit in perfectly.
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Ergonomic working meets enjoyable encounters

At the newly opened health campus very close to the Ruhr University Bochum, GBTEC Software + Consulting AG has built a company headquarters characterised by clear, linear architecture that is transparent both in its interior and exterior. The construction and lighting concept carry on the language of architecture.

Architecture and materials are modeled out by the new light guide

The Epiphany Church in Münster shines in new splendor thanks to the skillful lighting design by Jürgen Ludewig, MLL, and the use of SPINAled pendant lamps and SPINAled wallwashers.
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Exciting interplay of accents and contrasts in lighting design

A private house, reduced to the essentials, with maximum efficiency, without taking a step backwards in terms of atmosphere. The claim «less is more», without sacrificing comfort, was the focus of the design and implementation.
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The right light creates well-being for patients and employees

The SMILIKE orthodontic practice opened just a few metres from the Kurfürstendamm under the motto of «A simply more beautiful smile».
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If light could think

As part of the modernisation of the premises, the Hamburg company Lichtja developed a lighting concept, which now skilfully meets the individual requirements of the rooms.

Conversion of an old barn into a modern day-care centre for children

In the midst of a heterogeneous building and use structure, the vacant residential building with attached barn was like a relic of a bygone era. The project was awarded to the Basel-based architectural team LOST Architekten GmbH and equipped with the lighting solution from RIBAG in a future-oriented manner.

acousticpearls® and Zoom byMobimex in Safenwil

On October 30th, 2017, RIBAG opened its doors for the event 3 MAL 3, in cooperation with acousticpearls® and Zoom byMobimex at the RIBAG headquarters in Safenwil. The three companies respectively presented three solutions in the areas of light, acoustics and furniture in offices and properties.

Customized VIOR solution in the restaurant area

With VIOR, RIBAG supplied a variable lighting solution for the Palace Casino & Restaurant - an exclusive VIP area with luxury suites - for the Pizzeria & Osteria as well as for variously used lounge and passageway areas. RIBAG engineers developed a tunable white LED chip for VIOR especially for the cruise ship.
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Light and bright ambience

A lot has changed in the village of Erlinsbach: in the centre, Café Rössli has recently opened in the existing building of the Rössli centre. It invites to visit and as a new central point for the village it has become an important meeting place for the locals.
Design Specials

Room for inspiration

Pascal Amacker has been Creative Director at RIBAG since 2014 and he devises new solutions that combine high-quality technology, user-friendly application and timeless design with natural simplicity. The lighting professional spends the majority of his creative working day in the design studio. This is where convincing products originate from a plethora of ideas.

Organic arrangement of KIVO pendant lamps

The two-storey pavilion of the new «Lüsselparks» is home to the Raiffeisenbank, a café and a medical centre. The construction was planned by Eggenschwiler Perroud Architects as part of the overall development and completed at the beginning of 2019.

Historical rooms presented in the proper light

Due to the requirements placed on the lamps, the context of «historical premises with contemporary fittings» and our overall interior design concept, the choice fell relatively quickly on the VIOR lamp from RIBAG.

Good lighting for educational environments

Various RIBAG lamps were used for optimal lighting of the spacious access zones and common areas.

Redesigning the living atmosphere with the latest lighting solution

Originally, probably in the early 18th century, the building was constructed as a so-called Trottengebäude and served the vine growing widespread in the region. With the current conversion, the available space has been adapted to today's needs and the rooms themselves have been redesigned with the aim of creating a brighter and friendlier living atmosphere.

Best visibility conditions promote learning

From the 62 tenders submitted for the architectural competition, the «Taliesin» project from the architecture firm Dürig AG was chosen as the winner. Using METRON Office, RIBAG was able to provide atmospheric lighting for ideal visual conditions in the interior space.

Good illumination of the work areas is important

The modern kitchen has long been more than just a room for cooking. It is the heart of the living areas and the creative design space. The focus is on conviviality and enjoyment.

Unique lighting solution in historic villa

The 25 white VIOR lamps in the wooden cassettes of the ceiling rhombus pattern take up the bright elements of the living room in a refined and discreet way.

Interplay between light and space

Exposed concrete, glass, and natural stone in the clearly structured rooms of Raiffeisen Bank’s new branch in Breitenbach set a pleasantly reserved tone.

House Meletta, Adligenswil

In the property, built in 1970 and located in the agricultural zone, the owners wanted more generous living space. The architects' bright idea was to convert the garage into a kitchen and thus expand the living space inside.
Design Research & Development Interviews

Miniaturization in trend

Pascal Amacker - Creative Director at RIBAG - talks in this interview about the trend towards miniaturisation of technology and its influence on the design of RIBAG lamps.
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The next chapter of a success story

The story started over two decades ago with the original lamp: TRAPEZ. Together with the advancements achieved through the models of SPINA and SPINAled with regards to technology and form, AROA now marks another milestone in RIBAG’s history.
Design Research & Development Specials

Light is never finished

Draft & Craft comprises individualised lamps and lighting projects that fulfil criteria beyond prevailing standards. With Draft & Craft, RIBAG provides the possibility to creatively differentiate by means of individualised lighting solutions and to optimally match the lighting to both the architecture and the interior design.

The first public presentation of VIOR

The 23rd European Lighting Congress took place in the Congress Centre in Davos from 09 - 12 September. RIBAG exhibited as an innovative lamp manufacturer and presented a selection of creative lighting solutions to an enthusiastic professional audience.