The kitchen as a central living space 06. April 2021

Good illumination of the work areas is important
RIBAG KIVO pendant lamp

The modern kitchen has long been more than just a room for cooking. It is the heart of the living areas and the creative design space. The focus is on conviviality and enjoyment. In the meantime, it is often no longer possible to tell at first glance where the kitchen ends and the living room begins.

The boundaries of the living areas are abolished, traditional room layouts discarded. The elements of the kitchen are used as room dividers where there used to be a continuous wall. Technical appliances disappear behind cabinet doors that look like wall panelling. Kitchen cabinets can hardly be recognised as such. The new kitchens are a mixture of comfort and function. Aesthetics and style reflect the personality of their owners.

Roger Buser, interior designer and owner of room42, made this transformation of the kitchen into living space during the conversion of a single-family house in Lucerne and completed it with a lighting solution from RIBAG. With the choice of black KIVO lamps, he deliberately contrasted the white cupboard and work surfaces. With the light parquet flooring, he also added natural colors to further enhance the ambience.

«The beautiful proportions and elegant design of RIBAG's KIVO are also pleasing.»

Roger Buser, Architect

The new, low-consumption LED lighting solution provides strong working light on the one hand and an atmospheric ambience on the other. The KIVO pendant lamps above the worktop can be used both for preparing food and for lighting accessories. KIVO ceiling lamps provide the ideal light for cooking. The high colour rendering and the special brilliance of the light turn every moment in the kitchen into a special experience and the arrangement of the plates into a colourful, enjoyable and authentic act.

Interior designer
Herr Roger Buser
Riedenmatt 4
6370 Stans

«The beautiful proportions and elegant design of RIBAG's KIVO are also pleasing. The light distribution is optimal and the warm light creates an incomparable atmosphere - the building owners are excited,» says Roger Buser about the choice of KIVO luminaires.

The modern kitchen mixes various materials such as wood, stainless steel, stone, plastic and glass. The KIVO lamps from RIBAG complement this interesting material mix with aluminium and high-quality glass lenses.

RIBAG KIVO pendant lamp

KIVO pendant lamp in the modern kitchen.

RIBAG KIVO pendant lamp

KIVO pendant lamp over commode

RIBAG KIVO pendant lamp RIBAG KIVO pendant lamp
Inspiration — The kitchen as a central living space