Play of light and shadow in the sanitary facilities Gotthard Service Area North, Erstfeld (CH) 06. April 2021

Play of light and shadow in the sanitary facilities.
RIBAG VIOR Ceiling lamp

It serves to relax and strengthen travellers after crossing the Gotthard massif: The Gotthard Rest and Service Area North offers plenty of space, even for large numbers of guests. 

The complete renovation of the frequently used sanitary facilities served to adapt them to today's requirements and to the appearance of the entire building. The old, outdated facilities gave way to a modern and generous spatial structure, which makes the corporate identity of the Gotthard service station tangible.

Architect & photos
Markus Muther,
MARK by Barmade AG, Willisau

Light planning
MARK by Barmade AG /
Lichtbau GmbH, Bern

«Exciting spatial structures, high-quality materials and the warm, subdued lighting atmosphere make the toilets an experience like in a wellness facility.»

Markus Muther, Architect

The ambience of the sanitary facilities is characterized by a play of light and shadow, staged with VIOR luminaires above the wash basins and in the available shower rooms. The high brilliance of light emphasizes the quality of the materials used. Ceramics, wood, natural stone and glass, with their respective characteristics, are defined by the light and promote a pleasant room climate. To lead the surrounding nature into the interior was the basic idea behind the materials used. The light and clear appearance of the VIOR lamps sets matching design accents and supports the representation of the element water. This element originates not far from the service area in the Gotthard massif, in the form of four major rivers in Europe and was integrated into the design of the entire service area, both thematically and spatially

RIBAG VIOR Ceiling lamp

VIOR Ceiling lamp in the sanitary facilities of the service area Gotthard North

RIBAG VIOR Ceiling lamp
Inspiration — Gotthard Service Area North, Erstfeld (UR)