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SCOPY - staging rooms with light 14. August 2023

Design of miniaturized collection
RIBAG design studio

«Form Follows Function» - this design guiding principle is also followed by Pascal Amacker, Creative Director at RIBAG. In the development of the SCOPY collection, this principle shaped the pursuit of a miniaturized lamp that embodies a compact and reduced design language.

«The SCOPY Spot is discreet in appearance and ingeniously designed, it makes only a minimal intervention in the architecture,» says Pascal Amacker, describing his latest lamp creation. The graceful, elegant pendant lamp lends rooms a harmonious lightness.

Pascal Amacker appreciates variable light and SCOPY meets this need. With the adjustable and swiveling zoom spot, objects and rooms can not only be lighted functionally, but can be literally staged and modeled.

Optimal lighting effect in minimal space

The team at the RIBAG Design Studio had long had the idea of a small spotlight, compact and flexible, with optimal lighting technology in a minimal space. Pascal Amacker's vision was to design a lamp that would give the impression of flowing out of the ceiling - a kind of fusion of product and architecture, with a perfect lighting effect and variable range of use. Lighting moods should be created by adjusting the direction as well as the size of the cone. «The goal is always to develop an optimal product. One that meets all the requirements and the versatile demands of architects and designers - the vision is the driver of innovation,» adds the creative director. To complement this, a long and graceful pendant lamp was developed, which expands the application possibilities of the overall collection many times over.

«The vision is the driver of innovation» 

Pascal Amacker, Creative Director

How is such a vision implemented in the design? The heat sink is usually - apart from the optical components - the most voluminous part of a lamp and defines the minimum size required. In the development of SCOPY, a considerable part of the heat sink was used as a hinge system and thus consistently integrated into the design of the miniaturized lamp. In collaboration with the Bartenbach lighting laboratory, the design team developed an aspherical free-form lens with the functionality of a variable beam angle - for the perfect lighting effect in the smallest space.

Where does the name SCOPY come from?

The name was derived from the English word 'scope', which describes a range or radiation area. With the Zoom Spot, the optical properties can be changed dynamically. In this way, light areas of different sizes can be created and different intensities can be achieved.

A wide variety of stagings

The SCOPY collection expands the already versatile MILUM product family many times over. The miniaturized Zoom spot speaks a new language in terms of lighting effect and flexibility, the filigree pendant lamp puts every table in the right light and the Plug & Play system pays off on the simple installation aspect. With five colors, countless combination possibilities and a versatile use, SCOPY is a professional lighting tool with an optimal cost-benefit ratio. With the configurator on the website, all variants can be built up and visualized in a modular way so that the desired lamp can be optimally matched to the interior design.

RIBAG design studio

Pascal Amacket at work in the design studio.

RIBAG design sample

RIBAG design sample

RIBAG Pascal Amacker design

Pascal Amacker sketching new lamps.

RIBAG design studio RIBAG design sample RIBAG Pascal Amacker design
Inspiration - SCOPY - modeling spaces with light