A kitchen is created from a garage 01. April 2021

House Meletta, Adligenswil
RIBAG ARVA mounted lamp KIVO pendant lamp

The clients wanted a more spacious living area at the 1970s property located in the agricultural area of Adligenswil. This was a major challenge for the architects, as only minor changes could be made to the volume of the building due to the location. The exciting idea of the architects was to transform the function of the garage into a kitchen, thereby extending the internal living area.

Following the conversion, access to the kitchen is via a 1-metre high elevation, bridged by a step containing concrete. Eating, living and cooking blend together into a spacious room unit. The broken up segments on the two different levels create a loft atmosphere in the rural residence. 

Year of construction
October 2016 to April 2017


Stereo Architektur, Zürich

Lighting design
Licht Team, Luzern

Lukas Schaffhuser

With a successful lighting concept the cosy day to day atmosphere is also visually present. Thanks to its uniform distribution of light, the ARVA lighting range is perfect for general lighting. In the kitchen, the ARVA pendant lamp ensures optimum illumination of working surfaces as well as the area connecting the living room and kitchen, successfully creating a division between the rooms. The inner workings of the kitchen are optimally lit with ARVA ceiling lights.

Like the ARVA ceiling lamp, which is used in various places in the house, the pendant lamp is in black satin matt, which provides a successful contrast to the otherwise brightly designed surfaces in the interior. It has also been used for exterior lighting on the terrace.

RIBAG ARVA mounted lamp KIVO pendant lamp

ARVA mounted lamp and KIVO pendant lamp in the house Meletta, Adligenswil.

RIBAG ARVA mounted lamp KIVO pendant lamp
Inspiration — A kitchen is created from a garage