Research & Development Design

Design of miniaturized collection

"Form Follows Function" - this design guideline is also followed by Pascal Amacker, Creative Director at RIBAG. Especially with the SCOPY Spot, this principle strongly influenced the striving for a miniaturized lamp, which is compact and reduced in its form.

A visionary product is created

«At the beginning there is a vision that provides the impetus for innovation,» says Pascal Amacker, Creative Director at RIBAG. «At VIOR it was the complete new development of a sophisticated light control technology».
Research & Development Design

Research assignment for the FHNW

The Industrial Design course at the University of Applied Sciences of North-West Switzerland (FHNW) is currently working on the topic POETRY OF LIGHT: MOBILE LIGHT. This project assignment was set by RIBAG and the intention was to encourage the students to focus more closely on the topic of light and mobility and thus «mobile light».
Design Specials

Customer-oriented lamp development

In the object area, black creates space for calm and a very special atmosphere. The «colour» is finding increased appeal, even in the interior design of offices and living spaces. Moritz Hillebrand, Lighting Designer at RIBAG, shares his secrets on how to best incorporate black lamps.
Design Specials

Room for inspiration

Pascal Amacker has been Creative Director at RIBAG since 2014 and he devises new solutions that combine high-quality technology, user-friendly application and timeless design with natural simplicity. The lighting professional spends the majority of his creative working day in the design studio. This is where convincing products originate from a plethora of ideas.
Design Research & Development Interviews

Miniaturization in trend

Pascal Amacker - Creative Director at RIBAG - talks in this interview about the trend towards miniaturisation of technology and its influence on the design of RIBAG lamps.
Design Specials

The next chapter of a success story

The story started over two decades ago with the original lamp: TRAPEZ. Together with the advancements achieved through the models of SPINA and SPINAled with regards to technology and form, AROA now marks another milestone in RIBAG’s history.
Design Research & Development Specials

Light is never finished

Draft & Craft comprises individualised lamps and lighting projects that fulfil criteria beyond prevailing standards. With Draft & Craft, RIBAG provides the possibility to creatively differentiate by means of individualised lighting solutions and to optimally match the lighting to both the architecture and the interior design.