Villa Hamburg (D) 06. April 2021

Unique lighting solution in historic villa
RIBAG VIOR Ceiling lamp

An extensive renovation was carried out on a villa dating from 1913. In the course of these construction measures, the demolition of the old winter garden from the 1980s resulted in a new building on the same site - with contemporary architecture and the greatest possible openness.


Lighting design
Lumoplan, Berlin

© Marcus Ebener, Berlin

Colour and material concept of the architecture
The new extension with room-high glazing and sliding doors, which can be generously opened to the south-west via the column-free corner, provides an exciting contrast to the existing building. The characteristic play of black and white on the outside of the old building was transferred to the new winter garden, with black window and metal profiles over which the filigree white steel railing of the roof terrace floats.

«The winter garden connects the interior and exterior areas not only spatially, but also visually, the two areas merge,» explains Peter-Karsten Schultz of the REICHWALDSCHULTZ architectural office in Hamburg.  «The white floor covering in the exterior area is pulled further into the interior, the terracotta tile carpet reflects the structure of the cassette ceiling of the winter garden and this in turn takes up the materials of the living area - the wooden floor is projected onto the ceiling, so to speak».

«When Lumoplan showed me VIOR, I was thrilled by the lighting effect and the design. »

Peter-Karsten Schultz, Architect

The lighting concept
The 25 white VIOR lamps in the wooden cassettes of the ceiling rhombus pattern take up the bright elements of the living room in a refined and discreet way. «I wanted a lamp that would catch the room well. The wooden cassettes on the ceiling have a depth of 30cm, so a lamp had to be installed which both radiates brilliant light downwards and indirectly illuminates the special diamond pattern of the ceiling. When Lumoplan showed me VIOR, I was thrilled by the lighting effect and the design. With the glass surrounding it, it perfectly matches the glass sliding doors of the property, so I was able to pick up elements of the architecture here as well," Schultz continues.


«Installing 25 lamps at this density provides a great deal of light in a small space. All lamps can therefore be dimmed and up to five scenarios can be controlled separately: from individual lamps to a rhombus or a square. The versatile lighting scenes and moods are suitable for a reception, a party or a cosy get-together over a glass of red wine,» says the architect. The warm white light colour of 2700 Kelvin supports the cosiness of the room with a pleasant, welcoming ambience. A unique and successful lighting solution.

RIBAG VIOR Ceiling lamp

VIOR Ceiling lamp in the winter garden of the historical villa


Villa Hamburg (D)

RIBAG VIOR Ceiling lamp

VIOR Ceiling lamp in the winter garden of the historical villa, Hamburg

RIBAG VIOR Ceiling lamp RIBAG RIBAG VIOR Ceiling lamp
Inspiration — Villa Hamburg (D)