Staging in the mine

Conceptual, elaborate, high-impact productions – hallmark of the artist duo Cortis & Sonderegger, recent recipients of the Swiss «Photographers of the Year» Award. For RIBAG, they staged a «dream» in the Herznach mine for the first time. A peculiar bath scene plays out under the new VIOR lamp.

«Light means life»

Those who tell stories well transport moods. Arno Camenisch is a successful Swiss writer who knows how to create atmospheres with cleverly strung together words.

Atmospheric play with light

Most often, the space itself is the source of his ideas. The environmental scientist explores the essence of the rooms and uses existing material to create new sensory impressions. Often a beamer, a light source or a self-built lamp construction is all that is needed.
Cooperations Research & Development Interviews

Interview with Christian Bartenbach

The Bartenbach company has set itself the task of combining know-how from the various fields of architecture, physics, psychology and design in an approximately 80-strong interdisciplinary team and thus fully illuminating the phenomenon of light. Since 2017, the lighting specialists Bartenbach and RIBAG have been working together again and again on new innovative lighting solutions.
Cooperations Interviews

The interview about the staging

In their works, the Swiss photographer duo deliberately mixes the real with the surreal. In the interview Cortis & Sonderegger talk about the production with VIOR, how they got to know each other and what inspires them.