Restaurant Olivo

Italian charm in Olten - Ristorante Olivo

Only three months ago the Ristorante Olivo celebrated a grand opening. Since then, Olten has gained an Italian restaurant and thus a piece of Italian culture - right at the heart of Switzerland.

At first glance, the restaurant seems to blend inconspicuously into the existing row of houses. Inside, however, one is welcomed with Italian charm. The restaurant with the slogan "Cucina del cuore" is divided into three sections: A bar with sales counter, a dining area with a view of the open kitchen and a restaurant area with covered tables for lingering. For optimal support and illumination of the architecture, a linear lighting concept was deliberately chosen.

Alex Heuberger, Andrea Born

SG Architekten AG, Andreas Walder
Industriestrasse 200, 4603 Olten

Specialized trade partners
Amviso GmbH
Bachmatt 10, 4616 Kappel

Lighting design
RIBAG Project

At the bar you can enjoy excellent espresso and Italian specialities, a bar with fresh prosciutto and Italian cheese is part of the interior. VERTICO spots for targeted illumination of individual areas and METRON downlights for basic lighting were installed to stage the delicacies. This combination of two interesting lighting tools allows both vertical and flexible lighting. The white luminaires fit inconspicuously into the ceiling. Selective lighting accents were set above the bar with VERTICO pendant luminaires in champagne. The colours harmonise with the bar and create a warm and pleasant atmosphere for the customers, whether early in the morning with a coffee or in the evening with a glass of wine.

Restaurant Olivo
Restaurant Olivo

The central restaurant area has high tables and a view into the open kitchen, where fresh pasta is produced daily. Italian pictures and palm trees create an oasis of well-being that allows you to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. The staging with VERTICO spots sets targeted lighting accents, but also leaves plenty of room for shadow plays.

The rear restaurant area deliberately creates contrasts with its colour concept - playful red wallpaper, patterned flooring, a golden staircase. The basic lighting was implemented here analogous to the bar area with linear lighting modules. The attention-grabbing regulars' table in the middle is set in scene with three KIVO lens pendant lights.

A special eye-catcher is the lighting in the golden staircase: the ARVA chandelier is a special design and provides optimal lighting conditions over three floors.

Restaurant Olivo
Restaurant Olivo

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