Combined light-acoustic solutions at the headquarters of RDL, Suhr

For more than 40 years the company RDL GmbH is an expert for acoustic solutions. Stylish partition walls with sound insulation as well as ceiling systems, which create a pleasant environment from a cool, reverberant place, are their specialty. Since 2018 RDL is a specialist partner of RIBAG and offers acoustic elements with integrated RIBAG lights for interior design. The entire range of solutions can be experienced in the new RDL building in Suhr (CH).

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RDL, Suhr
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Lighting design
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Light and acoustics shape the room climate
The new showroom underlines the relevance of combining acoustic solutions with good lighting. "Whether concentrated work is required, a pleasant, quiet atmosphere when visiting a restaurant or an effective learning environment - good acoustics and optimal light are inseparable and contribute significantly to the desired room climate," explains Thomas Richner, Head of Sales and Lighting Planning at RIBAG. In the new building, both elements are combined, and solutions are shown that present the interior designer with carefully crafted and highly efficient combinations.

Interior design with different lighting scenes
High-quality materials, visible technology, and a lot of courage to use dark colors were incorporated into the design of the hybrid building, which is dominated by wood, steel and concrete. Two floors (ground floor/1.floor) form the working world of the company RDL. A mixture of closed rooms and open meeting zones relates to a sculptural gallery spiral staircase. The reception area is divided into three zones. Where employees and visitors spend longer periods of time, brilliant light is used primarily, while diffuse lighting solutions are used in the meeting zones. Visitors are welcomed in the entrance area by a special AROA chandelier design. Anodized VERTICO luminaires swing above the reception counter and the meeting zone was designed with KIVO pendant luminaires with bronze-colored covers. The direct and indirect KIVO luminaires provide a pleasant lighting atmosphere and support even longer customer conversations or meetings in an optimal way. The basement with acoustic laboratory, warehouse and technical rooms shows an acoustic solution with integrated VIOR luminaires.

Light over four floors

Light over four floors

On the 2nd floor of the company headquarters, owner-occupied and rented apartments with SPARK, PUNTO, METRON downlights and KIVO pendant luminaires complete the new building. The raw steel staircase, the connecting element between all floors, was equipped with another AROA chandelier custom-made for the four floors. Various scene programs serve to demonstrate individual situations and room design possibilities.

The entire new building serves as showroom
The new RDL building demonstrates the versatility of both suppliers in their respective specialty areas. Each RIBAG light can be integrated in different acoustic elements. In addition, both the lights as well as the acoustic elements can be manufactured individually and thus precisely meet the customer's requirements. "Customers or visitors do not need an artificially created showroom, the interior design is a complete showroom", explains architect Markus Würgler.

Good cooperation led to rapid completion of construction
The lighting design was implemented in close cooperation between RIBAG, the architects and RDL. "RIBAG and RDL are reliable partners for us in the planning and delivery of lighting concepts. The cooperation, as well as the planning of the lighting solutions, including the smart lighting and building control system initiated by RIBAG, was uncomplicated and very goal-oriented," Markus Würgler continues the project description.

The constructive cooperation between the client, the architect and experts made it possible to realize an ambitious schedule. "The move marks the beginning of another exciting chapter in the over 40-year history of the family business. Here, the vision of tomorrow's working worlds will be experienced by everyone", Luca Rubicondo, managing director of RDL, closes the building description.

Products used:

KIVO with lens optics Ø 270 mm KIVO with lens optics Ø 270 mm
AROA with acrylic glass diffuser AROA with acrylic glass diffuser