Flückiger Praxis

Flückiger Dental Studio

In Muhen, Canton Aargau, a modern dental studio has been built which, through its inviting, harmonious design, turns a visit to the dentist into an experience. Through a creative yet functional design, the dental studio meets the needs of the Flückiger dental staff, as well as the standards of Minergie.
The waiting room, with its atmospheric colour and lighting concept, makes the customary wait a pleasure. The playfully arranged PUNTO lights provide a dynamic ceiling display, which reaches as far as the corridor. There is a playroom for the small patients, illuminated by SPINAled pendant lights. In the treatment rooms, small PUNTO elements add dimension to the primary lighting. In the sterilisation area, where a high illumination standard is required, SPINAled pendant lights, with clear artifical glass, provide glare-free illumination for the working surfaces. The lighting design, for which the RIBAG Project Team is repsonsible, continues through the other rooms as well. 


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