Epiphaniaskirche Muenster

Epiphaniaskirche Münster

One could say that the Epiphaniaskirche in Münster now truly bathes in new splendour thanks to the skilful lighting arrangement by Jürgen Ludewig MLL and the SPINAled pendant lights and SPINAled wallwashers. The architecture and materials stand out fully now thanks to the direction of the light. The lighting conditions created by the specifically positioned SPINAled lights, create the optimum setting for the various visual focal points within the church. Furthermore, the SPINAled light fittings benefit from a DALI control system, so the pendant lights and wallwashers choreograph the perfect stage for individual areas and objects.

Lighting concept: 
Ludewig Lichtkonzept, Münster

Jürgen Ludewig, MLL


The red brick interior of this plainly decorated religious building has a calming yet dignified effect. It is only the ornaments with inlaid glass that break up the facade. However, without the right kind of artificial lighting, the interior would soon feel dark and encroaching. Lighting designer Jürgen Ludewig: "By selecting pre-installed lightscapes, it is now possible for visitors to transform the omnidirectional absorption of the visual stimuli in the church into a more focused awareness.  This clearly increases the concentration of the visitors."

Epiphaniaskirche Münster
Epiphaniaskirche Münster

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