Future-oriented lighting solutions for your project

Good lighting design raises the acceptance of spaces and makes an aesthetical and technically sustainable lighting solution possible. RIBAG supports you in all lighting matters, and offers you a custom-made lighting design which incorporates creative, technical and economical considerations.

Our services

  • Conception
  • Lighting design
  • Lighting calculations
  • Supervised implementationt

Expertly assisted

Your needs form the basis for the development of creative and functional project requirements. A lighting concept with B+W drawings and visualisations is drawn up working off this basis. The resulting detailed project documentation includes lighting plans, calculations and offer. The ultimate supervision of the project ensures that it is implemented efficiently and reliably, and removes the onus from the architects.

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Daniel Tschudy

Daniel Tschudy

Head of Lighting Design & Projects +41 (0)62 737 50 01
Dirk Lerch

Dirk Lerch

Lighting Designer +41 (0)62 737 50 71