Apartment-Hotel Hamburg Mitte

If light could think

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Play of light and shadow in the sanitary facilities Gotthard Service Area North, Erstfeld (CH)

Shoe store Schneider, St. Gallen

New brilliance for the oldest shoe retailer in Switzerland

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Natrual living, Mäder AT

Exciting interplay of accents and contrasts in lighting design

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Sustainable timber construction with individualised lighting solution

Single-family house, Adligenswil

A new kitchen is created from a garage

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Villa Hamburg

Unique lighting solution in historic villa, Hamburg (D)

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A singlefamily home in Meilen

Visionary architecture

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Orthodontic Practice 2.0, Berlin

The high colour rendering deliberately emphasises the different colored items

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Kita Therwil, Basel (CH)

Andlauerhof, Basel

Warm light ensures a pleasant ambience

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Swiss International Boarding School, Zuoz

More than 100 years of architecture revived

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Healthy indoor climate combined with flexible lighting, Geberit, Lausanne (CH)

Primary school, Niederhasli

Niederhasli Primary School has a new lighting and layout concept

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Café Rössli, Erlinsbach

Different functions required equally different lighting solutions

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Historic farmhouse with state-of-the-art lighting solution in the canton of Aargau (CH)

Flückiger Dental Studio, Muhen

Atmospheric colour and lighting concept

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Cruise Ship Explorer Dream

Customized VIOR solution for the cruise ship Explorer Dream

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Guesthouse “Zu den Zwei Raben”

Historic jewel with charisma

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Erlöserkirche, Münster

A whole new and impressive interplay of light and shade

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New medical centre in Lüsselpark, Breitenbach (SO)

chkp. Law Firm and Public Notary, Bremgarten

The professional lighting plan emphasises the high-quality materials and finishings

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Hotel Monte Mare, Andernach

Individualised lighting solution

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Clear lines at the Café of the Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts in Lausanne (CH)

Rotweg Schoolhouse, Wädenswil

Good lighting for educational environments

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Ristorante Olivo

Italian Charm in Olten

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Combined light-acoustic solutions at the headquarters of RDL, Suhr (CH)

GBTEC, Bochum

Ergonomic working meets enjoyable encounters

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Haldenacher primary school building, Birmensdorf (ZH)

New lighting concept for Haldenacher primary school building

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Pfarrhaus Abtwil

Historical rooms presented in the proper light

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Aeschbachhalle, Aarau

Aeschbach - the new urban quarter in Aarau

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Schafisheim Traffic Authority

Lighting in the new Schafisheim Traffic Authority: a fully rounded experience

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Raiffeisen Bank in Breitenbach

Interplay between light and space

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Epiphaniaskirche, Münster

Lights and wallwashers choreograph the perfect stage for individual areas an objects

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A new kitchen as a central living space

Reference Property Vision-Inside AG

A custom-made lighting concept provides light, uniform and work-friendly premises

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