RIBAG special editions

MESH special edition black/bronze – a sensuous lighting solution

According to Pascal Amacker, Creative Director at RIBAG, The MESH special edition black/bronze reflects the spirit of the times: “The fine look of the material enjoys great popularity in interior design and on the designer scene”. Whereas the previous lighting collection demonstrated its strengths in office and communications areas in particular, the new special edition is also ideal in the home. The new mounted lamps and pendant lamps with their warm bronze-coloured patterns are reminiscent of a blazing open fire and make the room look cosy straight away. “The recolouring of the pattern has not had any effect on the colour of the light, and nor has the light diffusion changed”, explains Pascal Amacker. As has been the case up to now, the light beams are focused through one lens by two differently coloured LEDs (tunable white version) and directed through a diamond-shaped honeycomb structure, which gives a very homogenous light with perfect glare elimination. “The new casing in classic black forms an elegant pendant, which fits into the environment superbly and discreetly”, says Pascal Amacker of his designs. There is a variety of application options: whether in the workplace or at home, the MESH special edition black/bronze illuminates living areas optimally.

MESH special edition

Timeless elegance

In the object area, black creates space for calm and a very special atmosphere. The “colour” is finding increased appeal, even in the interior design of offices and living spaces. Moritz Hillebrand, Lighting Designer at RIBAG, shares his secrets on how to best incorporate black lamps.


When designing the interior, lighting colours should always be adapted to the furniture and setting,” shares Moritz Hillebrand. “If the colour of the lamps matches the environment, they appear particularly reserved. If they are chosen to contrast the environment, they emphasise specific features and are a defining design element.”

Black lamps, a dark setting, and dark furniture create a comfortable, subdued atmosphere. This is excellent for meeting rooms, lounge areas, and prestigious offices. “People are not distracted by bright colours and design elements, their focus is on their conversation partner. A low-hanging black lamp also creates a particular spatial boundary, creating a comfortable framework.”

In bright environments, he uses black lamps to accentuate the furnishings: “In bright living or office spaces, black lamps are intentionally used to attract attention. RIBAG’s lamps harmonise perfectly with a wide array of styles – with bright, contemporary spaces boasting architectural accents such as black window frames, as well as to complement individual black decorative elements or expressive, geometric Jugendstil furniture, the direct predecessor of Classical Modernism.”

Whether shining brightly or turned off, in combination with dark or bright interior design, in the office or in the object area – with their clear expressive contours, black lamps from RIBAG are especially elegant and timeless.

AROA Black

AROA Black

The delicate black AROA lamp is available as a pendant lamp in lengths of 1200 mm und 1500 mm with up to 137 lumens per watt, and as a standard lamp with a length of 1400 mm and up to 129 lumens per watt.

MESH Pure Black

The new MESH pendant lamp has been completely redesigned and now has a very high percentage of indirect light (65%) that can be controlled independently of the direct light. This room-opener offers perfect anti-glare (UGR < 16) and is available in lengths of 1200 mm, 1500 mm, and 1800 mm with up to 110 lumens per watt.

MESH Pure Black

METRON Office Black

METRON Office Black

This system lamp with innovative microprism technology was specifically designed for office spaces and boasts excellent anti-glare (UGR < 22). It is available as a mounted lamp and a pendant lamp in lengths of 1200 mm, 1500 mm, and 1800 mm with up to 112 lumens per watt.