VIOR - A visionary product is created

"At the beginning there is a vision that provides the impetus for innovation," says Pascal Amacker, Creative Director at RIBAG. "At VIOR it was the complete new development of a sophisticated light control technology". The vision of combining narrow-beam, brilliant direct light with soft, ceiling brightening indirect light from a single point source. The creation of a universal lighting solution. An interdisciplinary and challenging task for the RIBAG team.

"With our claim to cultivate spaces and create unique spatial experiences, we are intensively concerned with people's need for optimum light. VIOR's brilliant direct light sets clear accents. Surfaces appear particularly colour-intensive and glossy. The opening of the room with indirect ceiling lighting creates a particularly pleasant and unique atmosphere," explains Andreas Richner, CEO of RIBAG Licht AG.

In addition to the desired light control technology and lighting effect, the formal requirement was to design a sensual luminaire characterised by lightness that optimally supports the architecture. With a clear language of form, harmonious proportions and the highest precision and quality in workmanship.


How can so much light be directed in such a small space?

RIBAG has been actively involved in interdisciplinary cooperation with colleges and universities for many years. Thus the development phase of VIOR began with a student project and a diploma thesis. RIBAG has set itself the challenging task of developing a combination of a ceiling floodlight and a downlight. From the initial results, a range of ideas was developed that focused on the topic of light control.

A cooperation with Bartenbach is established

Pascal Amacker was the first to test light control with an LED and a glass lens as well as simple reflectors made of materials such as cardboard and aluminium foil. "Good results have already been achieved. However, our demands were higher than the implementation options available to us internally at that time. Together with the light research company Bartenbach, we therefore carried out a potential analysis and a feasibility study as a first step - to find out whether the idea of this special light control works physically at all," explains the designer.

Making-of VIOR
Making-of VIOR

After initial contact, the desired light characteristics were sent to Bartenbach. "The Bartenbach Light Laboratory has enormous expertise in the field of light research and light simulation and was therefore a suitable partner for this project," reveals Pascal Amacker. The positive feedback of the engineers at Bartenbach was the release for the next project steps.

Parallel to the development of precise light control technology, the design of the VIOR luminaire was constantly adapted - first with regard to the proportions and dimensions, followed by the formal further development.

While Bartenbach embarked on the development of a specialised reflector, Pascal Amacker further refined the shape of VIOR: "With each adjustment, the luminaire won even more, it was always about the optimum interaction between lighting technology, proportions, production technology and the design appearance - about the natural interaction of different components in different materials - until a perfect symbiosis arose". One of the challenges in VIOR's design process was the interface of the individual components, which must be particularly precise so that the light beams are always directed exactly as desired.

Making-of VIOR
Making-of VIOR

The result is an exceptional luminaire (patent pending) with sophisticated lighting technology that can be mounted with a simple magnet system. In a version for connection to alternating current, as well as in a version for direct connection to the existing direct current network.

VIOR is now first available in black and white. "For me VIOR is a product with a lot of potential, I still have various variation possibilities in my mind," reveals Pascal Amacker.

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