Room for inspiration: The RIBAG design studio

To stimulate the development process for new lights, the owner Andreas Richner has set up a design studio along with the Creative Director Pascal Amacker, in order to encourage innovation. “A good idea does not just follow an amusing trend and is always thought through carefully right to the end”, Andreas Richner emphasises. The design and engineering team dedicates itself to shapes, technologies, craft, design, materials and other creative ideas every day. If an idea looks promising, the product concept is tested by means of a prototype.

RIBAG has various spaces for carrying out the relevant tests: Light measurements, temperature tests and tests for user-friendliness are conducted in the RIBAG design studio.

Great importance is placed upon the design and the finer technical details during the development process. That “certain something” is constantly being sought, be it functional or to do with the lighting technology or design. It is an intensive process until the formal character of a light has been worked out completely and the perfect light form has been achieved.

The design archive

The design archive

Besides the design studio, the design archive is also particularly important for Pascal Amacker. Relevant items such as lighting technology components, devices, examples of innovative technology, material samples, prototypes and light sources are to be found in this collection. And then of course Pascal Amacker requires a place where he can work on his ideas undisturbed – and this is his spacious drawing workplace. He can compare various concept sketches there. The modern building in Safenwil with its many different and inspiring room conditions is ideally equipped for innovative developments.

Our Creative Director Pascal Amacker tells the story

Pascal Amacker, Creative Director

Pascal Amacker has been Creative Director at RIBAG for six years and he devises new solutions that combine high-quality technology, user-friendly application and timeless design with natural simplicity. The lighting professional spends the majority of his creative working day in the design studio. This is where convincing products originate from a plethora of ideas.

Pascal Amacker, Creative Director

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