AROA forms the next chapter of a success story

The story started over two decades ago with the original lamp: TRAPEZ. Together with the advancements achieved through the models of SPINA and SPINAled with regards to technology and form, AROA now marks another milestone in RIBAG’s history. "AROA contains the latest LED technology and surpasses its founding predecessor in terms of efficiency and durability," explains Pascal Amacker, Creative Director at RIBAG. The carefully set diameter creates the optimum ratio of lighting aesthetics and luminous efficiency. AROA astonishes with its refined and tangible look, innovative technology and unique design. Thanks to its sleek silhouette coupled with the powerful and smooth ends, AROA is the universal solution to so many different spatial demands. AROA always looks impressive as a pendant or mounted lamp or as a splash-proof mounted element with an external control gear. The AROA range is available in lengths of 600 mm to 1500 mm.


AROA stylishly expanded

New AROA lamp

The new luminous rod

The new AROA lighting range, which was introduced at the end of 2017, resolutely continues RIBAG’s archetypes and its successful tradition of filigree light accents. In order to further expand this product range, RIBAG introduced the AROA Standard Lamp in June of 2018. This multi-award-winning lamp fitting was complemented by attractive colour enhancements and a practical perforated metal diffuser.

AROA new luminous rod
AROA detail

AROA Pendant and Mounted Lamps have already proven to be exceedingly popular. As a standard lamp, its form perfectly matches its function. It can be flexibly used for various lighting tasks. «By simply turning the lamps, exciting lighting sequences take shape», explains Pascal Amacker, Creative Director at RIBAG, who adds: «When pointed toward the wall, the room is brightened by gentle indirect light. Alternatively, atmospheric accents are created with direct lighting.»

These new standard lamps are supported by a cylindrical base made from high-quality anodised material. The profile additionally extends to the slender base, which features the same clear expressive contours as the lamp itself. «In order maintain the understated look and feel, we integrated the control gears into the base. The lamp is convincingly stable and the unused cable length can be rolled up into the base», says Pascal Amacker in further describing the design. This elegant standard lamp is dimmable and may be controlled via an easy-to-use button.

This new «luminous rod» is the ideal solution for diverse lighting designs: It is ideal by itself in a private living area next to a beautiful chair or when grouped in a reception area or a hotel lobby. There are no limits for this understated and elegant standard lamp.

AROA standard lamps

Optimal lighting conditions thanks to a perforated metal diffuser


How often have you wished for a simple anti-glare lamp accessory for those moments when the lighting should be a bit more gentle? Derived from the well-known and beloved perforated metal diffusers from TRAPEZ and SPINA, a similar perforated metal diffuser has now been developed for AROA. Installation requires no tools: The perfectly designed perforated metal diffuser is simply clipped to the diffuser and can be removed just as easily as it is mounted. This is a very easy way to regulate the distribution of light and light intensity after the fact. The perforated metal diffuser effectively reduces the glare of the downward-directed light. It is available in anodised matt aluminium, chrome look as well as in special edition gold brown and can be mounted to the entire AROA lighting range.

The standard lamp, the additional colour choices and the perforated metal diffuser are available from June 2018.