Draft & Craft

“Light can never be thought out to a full stop.” Draft & Craft comprises individualised lamps and lighting projects that fulfil criteria beyond prevailing standards. With the new Draft & Craft Collection, RIBAG provides the possibility to creatively differentiate by means of individualised lighting solutions and to optimally match the lighting to both the architecture and the interior design.

Depending on the specific requirements of a given project, the characteristics of RIBAG lamps are attuned to the respective user and spaces when it comes to colours, materials, dimensions and functionality. In our highly individualised society, customers increasingly desire products that meet their expectations and seamlessly fit to their special architectural style. In addition to classic, elegant, functional and especially timeless lamps, RIBAG makes tailor-made special editions. These lamps optimally fit to both the architecture and the overall appearance in concert with the right furniture. The horizons of creative freedom and competence in the creation of individualised and stylish objects are further enhanced by producing colour variations, lamps made from new materials such as leather or wood, as well as special editions. New versatility in designing living spaces is appreciated by customers, but also by architects in planning and by builders.

With care and attention to detail, desired special editions are planned into each project. One of our great strengths is the interdisciplinary collaboration when it comes to design, development and lighting design. Our competent lighting design team puts heart and soul into conception, lighting design and planning. All involved departments are housed at the same location in Safenwil and are in regular dialogue with one another. We advise you during the entire project - from standard lamps to special editions.

ARVA Draft & Craft Collection

ARVA Draft & Craft

ARVA Lens Pendant Lamps are primarily used for diverse purposes in living, hotelier, and restaurant areas. These understated and elegant lamps can be integrated into the architecture unobtrusively or to add emphasis for special purposes. With their round shapes, they are popularly used in meeting places. They combine especially well with furniture pieces such as tables, bars, reception desks, chairs and stools. Black Lens Pendant Lamps, which can be individually combined with a shade, are the basis for the ARVA Draft & Craft Collection. Select from two different leather variations, Rancho terra or Velluto kiesel, as well as two wood types, oak and black walnut. Lamp shades are designed so that the customer can switch them out as desired. The ARVA Draft & Craft Collection offers lighting solutions rich in variety. They reflect the individual preferences of the owner, who is free to add a personal touch by selecting the materials of the shades.

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Regional collaborations

High-quality leather shades from Intertime

High-quality leather shades from Intertime

The search for a leather-processing specialist from the region for the realisation of our Draft n’ Craft collection was short. In addition to sophisticated workmanship, regional proximity and the ability to build a long-term partnership played decisive roles. With hand-crafted skill and passion, the various shade coverings are tailored to the client’s individual needs. Intertime, a specialist in the creation of high-quality leather furniture, has congruent values when it comes to production and the demands of design and functionality. They quickly established themselves as the right collaborative partner. Pascal Amacker, Creative Director at RIBAG, selected various leather patterns, manufacturing techniques and colour combinations along with Development Manager Judith Rehmann. The new, decorative collection expands ARVA’s already extensive areas of use in lighting solutions. Whether in a lobby, on a bar, in a lounge, or in the living room – combining with leather furniture creates a harmonious overall concept that meets the requirement of custom solutions.

Solid timber shades from Girsberger

RIBAG contracted Girsberger with the creation of wooden shades. In operation in its fourth generation, this tradition-rich furniture manufacturer since 1889 possesses a high degree of competence in processing solid timber. Generations of family operation continued. In addition to processing solid timber for use in furniture in the office and living spaces, with the «Essentials» collection Girsberger has also demonstrated its competence in precision wood processing in the area of small-format accessories. It is exactly this precision that’s needed when producing both ARVA shades from on-trend wood types oak and black walnut. With plenty of hand-crafted precision, these shades are shaped from solid timber before being refined at the plant. ARVA lamps, which feature wooden shades, harmonise particularly well with modern exposed concrete and combine effortlessly with various furnishings. Individualised solutions from Girsberger represent the same design requirements as RIBAG lamps. With their understated and linear designs, they constitute an especially sophisticated addition for customised interior design.

Solid timber shades from Girsberger