The emergence of new RIBAG luminaires in cooperation with Bartenbach

The implementation of a lighting concept that guarantees our requirements for seeing in rooms in every imaginable situation is an extremely demanding task that requires input from various specialists. The Bartenbach company has set itself the task of combining the know-how from the various fields of architecture, physics, psychology and design in an interdisciplinary team of around 80 people and thus to fully illuminate the phenomenon of light. The Austrian company has been very successful in this field since its foundation in the 1960s. Since 2017, the lighting specialists Bartenbach and RIBAG have been working together again and again on new innovative lighting solutions.

What is actually good light? Interview with Christian Bartenbach - CEO Bartenbach GmbH

The Austrian Christian Bartenbach manages the company Bartenbach GmbH in the second generation. Renowned architectural offices and lighting designers all over the world work with his and his father's technologies and approaches to the optimal lighting of rooms. In addition to the unique VIOR luminaire, RIBAG developed the new SPARK and MILUM collections using Bartenbach's lens and reflector components. All three luminaire collections have been awarded with design prizes for their design and lighting effect. In addition to manufacturing lamps and their components, Christian Bartenbach is dedicated to the research and development of integral lighting solutions and discusses the effect of light on the organism and its health. What he means by this and what he thinks the development of light will look like in the next century can be read in our White Paper.

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